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Le Mans 2003



Team Sharpe

This site is the result of a near decade of research and development of the Le Mans experience.  Those of you who have experienced the annual pilgrimage will understand the importance of this event to the normal punter (“The Brit”).  The annual booking of the holiday from work, the celibacy during September to avoid any possible fatherhood implications ruining said weekend in June.  The inability to book or attend any functions during the race week (unless your name is Dwimper), the constant conversation and planning during the prior 11 months and the anticipation of the event.

Many of you reading this will perhaps agree and have your own points to add (visit our guest book in the FEEDBACK AREA and place a comment).  And then on arrival the usual building of the camp site.  Virgins can be easily picked out from the vets.  The size of the swimming pool, freezer, portable shower and flag pole can all have an indication on the number of times the group have visited.

Our team has grown from humble beginnings to a normal group of around 20 people.  The founding members consist of:

Graham (Dwimper) Steel
Mother Hen Chappel
Borris Chappel
Darren (Floyd) Pauling
Nick (used to have a TVR) Bailey
Sharpie (I used to be able to take my drink)

Others have come and gone but the core group has more or less stayed unchanged.  Further details of the team can be found on the site.  Including those who have bottled out for 2003 and some new virgins. 

This site now stands as a testament to ten years of visiting Le Mans, to a time when many of us had more hair, less of a beer gut and sports cars.  We are just a few of the many Brits that take over Le Mans every year in June to enjoy the best spectacle in the English calendar.  We also sometimes watch a bit of the race…..

Message from Mother Hen: "Remember that despite constant requests, some of our pansies still insist on bringing the vast majority of their wardrobes to wear!!!!!"

Don’t forget, let us have your views and drop in for a beer and a chat in Houx for 2003.

Deputy Web Designer. “Floyd”

Don't forget that the FeedBack page is crucial to maintaining a lively and intersting site.

Enjoy..... This site was built by 'Webmaster White Knuckle Shaw' (seen here below taking a 'power nap' on the return from Le Mans 2002.


The 2003 Team and their Chariots:

Darren The Tractor – Discovery! The B4 has now gone and despite rumours of Volvo power the whole family (almost into double figures) is now on diesel (read clockwork) power. Said 'vehicle' is known as the Disco Discovery and comes with free hunter wellies, a barbour and a labrador to be delivered once the necessary 1m BP reward points are earned.
Dwimper The Imprezza
Mother Hen Audi A4
Boris Not sure as some theavin git stole my Discovery
Boonie By foot
Sharpie Passenger
Tim Passenger
Phil Passenger
Art Space Kadet
Art’s son Space Hopper
Art’s mates god help us
Dwimper’s mates wot no wedding
Gordan The Crepe Man
Big Rich Mr T’s side kick
TVR Graham Wot no TVR this year
TVR Nick Another wot no TVR this year